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IEEE Symposium on
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Rome, Italy, September 26-29, 2004

Guidelines for Preparing Camera-Ready Version of Your Paper for the VL/HCC '04 Proceedings

Preparing your Camera-Ready Document

Your paper should be in standard IEEE Conference Proceedings format. Use the following templates to ensure that your paper is in the proper format. Even if you think your paper is in the correct format, please double-check it against one of these templates, as some of the papers reviewed by the program committee were not in the proper format.

Please take care to fix the margins of your paper according to the A4 size, without modifying the width and height of the columns, nor the space in between.

Please carefully proofread your camera-ready version, and please take your reviewers' comments and suggestions into account. This will ensure that the papers in the proceedings are of the highest possible quality.

Should you need additional pages, you can buy black and white pages for 40EUR each and color pages for 80EUR each.

Generating IEEE-Compliant PDF

You are required to upload to our server an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) version of your paper for final publication both in the printed proceedings, and in the IEEE Explore electronic database. Your camera-ready PDF file must comply with the minimum standards of the IEEE Computer Society. In order to ensure that your PDF file complies with those standards, we highly recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat to produce your camera-ready PDF version. Below are links to "job options" files for a variety of Adobe Acrobat verions: Use these instructions to install the job options on your computer. If you do not have access to Adobe Acrobat, then we recommend that you first generate PostScript, and then use the free Ghostview software to convert your PostScript document to conformant PDF. Use this Author's Guide to PDF to help you choose the correct settings. An important note to authors: The IEEE Computer Society's minimum standards call for a print quality of 300 dots per inch (dpi). 300 dpi leads to relatively small files, and is therefore a suitable resolution for electronic documents. However, you may find 300 dpi to be too low a resolution for your printed paper. If this is the case, we invite you to submit a second, higher-resolution PDF version of your paper that we will use to generate your paper in the printed proceedings. To produce a higher-resolution version of your paper, change the following settings:
  • ColorImageResolution should be set to 600, instead of 300
  • GrayImageResolution should be set to 600, instead of 300
  • MonoImageResolution should be set to 1200, instead of 600.
Our server is set up to store two versions of your paper: an "IEEE compliant" (low resolution) version and a "high resolution" version. You can upload each version of your paper using the corresponding buttons.

Signing and Returning Copyright Form

All authors of papers that appear in IEEE-sponsored conference proceedings must sign a copyright release form. You can access this form in various formats from www.ieee.org/about/documentation/copyright/ . Please fax your completed form to +39 06 8419188 by June 21, 2004.

Entering your Paper Information into the VL/HCC Database

You will need to enter your paper into the bibliography page for this conference series. To do so, simply go to the page at:


and click on the "web form" link to enter your paper. The deadline is the same as for the camera-ready copy, registration, abstract, etc., namely June 21. This is a requirement for full papers, but posters are also welcome in the bibliography, as are any others of your papers that have appeared elsewhere that are relevant to these topics.
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